Strip Mall Churches

A picture blog celebrating churches found in strip malls

Marina Shopping Plaza – Fairfield Suisun Christian Center

Fairfield Suisun Christian Center

I would have been bored with this place, but I was still in disbelief that we had come upon the 4th strip mall church in the Marina Shopping Center.  Still, eventually the novelty of discovering the 4th strip mall church in the shopping plaza wore off and I discovered pizza and a place to register as a Republican.  Of course, if you are already registered as a Republican you can just volunteer.

Marina Shopping Plaza – Cornerstone Gospel Foursquare Church

Cornerstone Gospel Foursquare Church

Any church with the words “Gospel” and “Foursquare” seems like fun.  Still, as we came up on this 3rd strip mall church in the Marina Shopping Center I was little worried.  There were a bunch of guys on motorcycles that were looking at us suspiciously and all I could think of was this episode of South Park where they start calling all the guys on their loud motorcycles “fags”.

Anyways, for your post strip mall church going pleasure, apparently you can volunteer at Meals on Wheels or the Fraternal Order of Eagles.  Also, you can get your car fixed at GT Motors and learn how to defend yourself with Aikido.  Good times!

Marina Shopping Plaza – Calvary Missionary Baptist Church

Calvary Missionary Baptist Church

This was the 2nd church that we found in the Marina Shopping Plaza.  It’s located next door to the West Wind Church, but doesn’t really do a lot to compete.

I really like this place because I lived in San Diego for the first two years with barely any furniture.  It is the strip mall church for the ultra-minimalist.  These guys are saying we don’t need a fancy building or a fancy sign or a giant crucified Jesus to get your attention.  They are saying we have the lord and a place to pray and that’s all we need.  That or else they are saying, we need more money so we can build a real church outside of this crappy strip mall.  I really prefer to believe the former.  Either way, God bless them.

Marina Shopping Plaza – West Wind Church

West Wind Church


When a friend recommended I go to the Marina Shopping Center, she didn’t mention that it was the Holiest Strip Mall on Planet Earth.  My mom drove me over there the next day and we discovered there were 4 strip mall churches all in this one plaza.

The West Wind Church was the first church that we saw.  It’s located next to a competing strip mall church as well as the Marina Market and a pet grooming place brilliantly named “Pet Grooming”.  Also since I used to do tai chi, I was excited to see Wu Shing Tai Chi located on the other side.  If I ever move back to the area, I may have to check it out.