Strip Mall Churches

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Club, Church Clash in Texas

Back in December, I was contacted by Ana Campoy with the Wall Steet Journal.  She was interested in my take on the movement of churches into strip malls.  She didn’t end up using my interview, but it is another example of the growing interest in this cultural phenomenon.  Her article is linked below:

Club, Church Clash in Texas

Life Changing Reality Christian Center

Life Changing Reality Christian Center

This place will change your reality  No wait.  I’m serious.  I’m not just saying it because of the name.  Think about it.  You can go to church and then volunteer next door at the American Red Cross and then fill up your SUV while eating powdered donuts bought in the mini-mart and finally eat some sushi from across the street.  God bless America.

Iglesia Cristiana Rios De Agua Viva

If I were to choose a strip mall church to go to, the Iglesia Cristiana Rios De Agua Viva would be at the top of the list.  Set across from half a dozen eucalyptus trees and in a building that looks straight out of the wild west; it is proof that strip mall churches can be a thing of beauty.  At the same time it provides some similar benefits as other strip mall churches including a neighboring dog wash and Salvadorean restaurant.  Time for me to start brushing up on my spanish.

Genesis African Methodist Episcopal

This was the 2nd church in the same strip mall as the Church of Christ. It was next door to the Tokyo Spa so if the preacher stresses you out you can get some good rest and relaxation. Nearby, there is also a place to have signs made or buy a motorcycle.

Church of Christ

The Church of Christ sign just states the “Church Of Christ Meets Here.”  For me, I like the notion of just meeting somewhere and praying.  It somehow conveys the fact that the location doesn’t matter so much.  The sign is almost like self-deprecating humor.  I find that refreshing in a strip mall church.