Strip Mall Churches

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Documentary series

This TV production company contacted me today saying they enjoyed the site. They are working on a documentary involving strip malls and are looking for people to be involved. Seems like an interesting project and excited to see how this evolves. Information to contact the production company is below:


Award-winning TV production company is searching for opinionated, outgoing strip mall/shopping plaza business owners & employees for exciting new documentary series.

For more information and to be considered, please email us at with the following info:

–Your full name, age & any nicknames
–City & state where you live
–Strip mall/shopping plaza where you work, including store name & job title
–Why you think your store & strip mall/shopping plaza would make good television
–A few pictures of yourself, and/or link to personal website/social networking profile
–Your best contact phone number

Sovereign Grace Baptist Fellowship

I received this image from Christov10 who has a page for his own Strip Mall Church.  It’s definitely one of the nicer looking ones that I’ve seen.  He tells me:

Our group formed from a First Baptist Church in a county-seat community in rural Southern Middle Tennessee.  We first met in a converted barn (Barnchurch), then in Bluegrass cafe (Cafe-Church), and now we are meeting in a strip mall storefront.  Means we are, indeed, spending as little on facilities as possible.

One of the benefits of spending less on facilities is that it frees up more money to go back into the community.  It also presumably allows them to do unique things like running their own radio show.  Definitely a sign of changing times in the church going world.

Liberty Christian Center

Liberty Christian Center

We came upon the Liberty Christian Center at sunset. The parking lot was empty and the birds were watching us from the top of the building. It was the last church we found for the day and there was this surreal quality about being there. My mom said it was an old Albertsons back in the day. It wasn’t far from the K-mart, but it had its own strip mall benefits: donuts and chicken.

Iglesia Cristiana Principe de Paz

Iglesia Cristiana Principe de Paz

Another unassuming strip mall church in another shopping plaza in Fairfield, CA.  When I was growing up, my mom would take me shopping at the K-mart next door.  I don’t remember what else was nearby back then, but now you can find the classic strip mall favorites of: Burger King, Dollar Tree and Radio Shack.  Also judging by the name, it is another strip mall church of the spanish speaking variety.  Muy interesante!