Strip Mall Churches

A picture blog celebrating churches found in strip malls


I grew up praying in various types of buildings. We went from people’s houses to community centers to convention centers to schools to old barns. We prayed outside in the woods or sitting beside a river. Still, somehow I don’t ever remember praying at a strip mall. I think I would find it depressing.

To be honest, I think even God is depressed by strip mall churches. It’s like he created this beautiful world and then we decided to pray in the ugliest cheapest buildings to celebrate the beautiful world that God created. It is this odd mix of capitalism and religion. And don’t get me wrong, I think it is strange when churches are rich and people are poor, but strip mall churches seem to avoid this to the extreme.

And maybe because of all the depressing-ugly-cheapness, there is strange beauty to strip mall churches. This web blog is to dedicated to celebrating that beauty.