Strip Mall Churches

A picture blog celebrating churches found in strip malls

NAC Central – North Arundel Church

So far this blog has mostly focused on my home state of California. But a trip to DC in the winter served as a reminder that strip mall churches are a national phenomenon. My sister’s friend had recommended a few locations so with my sister’s fiancĂ© leading the charge, we photographed strip mall church after strip mall church.

NAC Central was the first place on our list. Made up of two churches, the North Arundel Church served as a beacon of light in a neighborhood filled with auto shops, pawn shops and a smattering of graffiti. We skipped the Mexican food next door because we already had dinner plans, but next time we’ll definitely have to stop by.

    NAC Central - North Arundel Church

  1. NAC Central - North Arundel Church