Strip Mall Churches

A picture blog celebrating churches found in strip malls

Marina Shopping Plaza – Calvary Missionary Baptist Church

Calvary Missionary Baptist Church

This was the 2nd church that we found in the Marina Shopping Plaza.  It’s located next door to the West Wind Church, but doesn’t really do a lot to compete.

I really like this place because I lived in San Diego for the first two years with barely any furniture.  It is the strip mall church for the ultra-minimalist.  These guys are saying we don’t need a fancy building or a fancy sign or a giant crucified Jesus to get your attention.  They are saying we have the lord and a place to pray and that’s all we need.  That or else they are saying, we need more money so we can build a real church outside of this crappy strip mall.  I really prefer to believe the former.  Either way, God bless them.