Strip Mall Churches

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SonRise Community Fellowship

RIP Galaxy 8. Yes, this place used to be a movie theater. The last movie that I saw here was Sleepy Hollow.  I remember coming here and cutting high school to watch movies. I saw Beavis and Butthead Do America and Pulp Fiction at midnight and the Star Wars re-releases with all the new and unnecessary scenes. Then a bigger movie theater moved into town and we got this. It was the first strip mall church that I ever really noticed.  How could I not?!?  I am sure there were plenty around before that, but this place is ginormous.

Anyways, in the same plaza it’s got an Enterprise Rent-a-Car and an insurance place and a bicycle shop and a place called Fuji Massage which may or may not have happy endings.  Sadly, there was no happy ending for this movie theater.

  1. Church Movie Marquee

  2. I love the SonRise Community Fellowship repurposed movie marquee. I still expect to see movies being advertised on this sign even after all these years.