Strip Mall Churches

A picture blog celebrating churches found in strip malls

Living Hope Church

I spotted this one from from Highway 80 in Dixon, CA on a drive from Vacaville to Davis. It’s a wonder to me that I missed it for so long because the sign is so bright from the freeway. There is a place to do archery next door should you or your kids want to get in touch with your inner Katniss. Or if you just feel like learning to shoot parking lot trespassers taking pictures of your church for a stupid website…

From Strip Mall Church to Mega Church – The Father’s House

The Father's House's new non-strip-mall location

This is what happens when a strip mall church grows up. The church was one of the first that I noticed in my town of Vacaville, CA and the first that was featured on this site. It is one that several friends and acquaintances currently attend. In its period of growth, it was featured here one additional time for its changing sign, but sometime in the time since it has built a permanent non-strip-mall location. It is massive including a giant parking lot with plugin stations for electric cars. I wholeheartedly approve!


True Tabernacle Christian Center

The True Tabernacle Christian Center was last strip mall church we found on my trip to DC. It was across the street from this beautiful more traditional looking church which made for a stark contrast of new and old.

Lighthouse Baptist Church

Lighthouse Baptist Church front

This one is another from my trip out to DC years ago. It’s been so long I don’t have much to say, but it was a fun afternoon seeing some of these.

The Family – More than a Church

The front of

What does “More than a Church” mean?

My sister and I stumbled upon this church while I was dropping her off at a friend’s house in Roseville, CA back in October. I must confess that I didn’t notice its mafia style name until while writing this. I was too enthralled by the hot tub place next door.

The other thing of note was the dedicated healing room parking. Lately, it feels like we could all use a little healing so maybe we should head on over?